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We specialise in real estate investment and have holdings in 24 countries. This benefits our customers in Germany, as well as our partners worldwide. more information...

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    The Open-Ended Real Estate Investment Fund is a unique form of investment product "made in Germany" to provide "equal opportunity for all in all investment markets".

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    If you want to know more about our real estates, please use the objects' search where you can enter your specifications.

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    Indirect property assets are becoming increasingly popular with institutional investors. The reasons for this growing demand include higher yields, improved diversification, more efficient management and optimized exposure to national and international markets.

PropTech Innovation Award

Video: PropTech Innovation Award

The PropTech Innovation Award, initiated by Union Investment and German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) in Berlin supports new ideas in the use of digital technologies for the real estate economy.

Weser Tower Bremen

The dynamism of Europe’s secondary cities

As a real estate investment manager, Union Investment has economic developments in Europe firmly in its sights, seeking out opportunities that add value for its investors. Secondary cities offer highly attractive prime locations which promise stable returns over a sustained period. Of crucial importance is the quality of the properties and of the surrounding infrastructure.


Investment Barometer Hotel


Hotel industry: Willingness to take risk and caution are balanced
Opportunities and risks are spread broadly in the hotel industry. Whilst the digitalisation megatrend is clearly viewed as an opportunity, on the investment side, the sector currently shows itself to be quite ambivalent. The overall mood in the sector is meanwhile stuck around cautious optimism. These were the findings of the hotel trade magazine HospitalityInside and Union Investment in their current Hotel INVESTMENT BAROMETER Autumn 2016.


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